Ep #2: Payment Plans With The IRS & A Buzzfeed "Blood Feud" With Akilah Hughes

This week, I was lucky enough to talk to Akilah Hughes, the funny, smart human that some of you might know from YouTube or Twitter or any of her various TV appearances. She was so honest about money and the nobility of asking for it—which is definitely something I struggle with—so it was awesome to hear how she psyches herself up to get the money she deserves. Other stuff we talked about:

  • The importance of mentors/champions (Akilah happens to be mentored by John Green—yes, The Fault In Our Stars John Green, NBD)

  • What it’s like to be an independent creator up against huge media companies (ahem, Buzzfeed)

  • How she set up a payment plan with the IRS when she couldn’t pay her taxes—and what she’s doing so that’ll never happen again

Say it with me: Taxes can be your friend.

Rebecca Adams