Ep #11: Getting Your "Amazon MBA" & "Faking It" With Kiki Von Glinow

For this week’s episode, I talked to Kiki Von Glinow. She’s the co-founder of Toast Media Group, a Brooklyn-based digital marketing collective, and she works with clients from startups to legacy media companies to help them tell their stories and connect their brands to their audience or customers. And before Kiki did all this, we actually worked together at The Huffington Post, so it was really great to catch up with her back in December when we recorded the episode, and hear about all of the amazing things she’s accomplished. We talked about:

  • How she set up her small business, and how it’s her goal to give every collective member their “best job ever”

  • Why she prefers to call herself an entrepreneur vs. a freelancer

  • How she earned what she calls her “Amazon MBA” by reading basically every business book she could find

Kiki’s a big proponent of Amy Cuddy’s “fake it until you become it” philosophy, and she was able to use that to push past any fears or self-doubt and put her stake in the ground as a business owner. So it might go without saying that this episode is A+ encouragement for anyone who struggles with self-doubt or criticism, but who has the talent and drive to accomplish great things.

Rebecca Adams