A podcast about freelancers who are making it work.


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About The Show


Hi, I’m Rebecca. I’m a Brooklyn-based freelance editor, writer, and content strategist for brands and media companies. I was most recently the Deputy Content Director at mindbodygreen; and before that, I was the Health & Wellness Director at Refinery29. And before that, I covered fashion and beauty for The Huffington Post.

When I contemplated going freelance in 2018, I was lucky enough to meet freelance friends (and friends of friends) to pick their brains and arm myself with a few practical tools going in. Unfortunately, that’s not the norm—that’s an enormous privilege. So, in attempt to bottle up those helpful conversations and share them with other people in the gig economy, I launched a podcast featuring freelancers who are making it work. They break down what it’s like to be out on their own, the nitty gritty of finances and negotiations, and how they’re (at least sort of) achieving work-life balance.

If you have any comments or questions (or ideas for how the show can be more helpful!), reach out via